River City Bar B-Q Corner

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Claiming to be Bangkok’s first moo krata (the Korean-style DIY grill), Bar B-Q Corner is at the very least one of its most charming. Set on River City’s rooftop, by the Chao Phraya, it has an army of waiters in black waistcoats and bow ties, music alternating between “Killing Me Softly“ (played by a live band Fri-Sun) and look kroong, a lush tropical garden and a stunning river view: located at a bend in the Chao Phraya, Bar B-Q Corner looks right down the middle of the wide black waters, where little boats decked in lights shuttle between towering five-star hotels and luxury residences. (During the rainy season, you may end up under a steel roof from which the view is blocked, though.) The food is nothing to write home about but we review restaurants based on what they set out to do, and this one is in the business of bringing you a plate of raw sliced meat for you to grill and some garlic rice—and it does these two things well. The meat is fresh and unadulterated as there is no marinade or seasoning. Unfortunately, it’s also pretty bland, but good luck finding free range chicken and pasture-raised beef at these prices (B450-650 for two, for a generous set of beef, pork, chicken and a few veggies). Besides, the key to moo krata is the dipping sauce, that’s where the taste comes from. This particular recipe happens to be very pleasant—it almost has a curry flavor—while lacking the heaps of salt and MSG favored by chain restaurants. To go with your DIY barbeque, you can also order from a small selection of appetizers, which, again are fresh and properly executed without being stellar. Diners are mostly Thai families but tourists can also order B600 Thai sets with elaborate compartmentalized dishware (give it a miss). If you’re not particularly partial to moo krata, the river views might not be enough to enthrall you—just have a drink and enjoy the awesome view at their bar, Balco. But with its fresh produce and great dipping sauce, this DIY barbeque should thrill fans of the genre.

Venue Details
Address: River City Bar B-Q Corner, River City Shopping Complex, 23 Trok Rongnamkaeng, Yoda Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-236-4535
Cuisine: Thai
Price Range: BB
Opening hours: daily 4-10pm
Live music, Parking available
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