Reflection Again

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With lackluster service and produce, Reflection Again is saved (barely) by its décor and competent kitchen. The restaurant offers indoor- and outdoor-dining options set in an ultra-modern, two-story house. Simple design, a cool ambience and lots of open space make it great option for big groups, while quieter nooks are good for more relaxed meals. Vibrant-colored furniture pop out against the backdrop of white walls in an exciting way, but we couldn’t help but be reminded of our IKEA shopping experiences. The chef’s execution of dishes masks the poor quality of the ingredients. Bottom line: the food is decent but not enough to send us over the moon. For example, the fried pork knuckles, at B250, have very little meat on them. The hor mok talae mapraw-on (steamed seafood with curry paste, B180) smells fantastic when it arrives at the table, but the less-than-fresh seafood (prawns and squid) is lacking shape and texture. And the grilled sirloin with jaew (spicy sauce, B190) was a swing and a miss—way too dry. It’s not all bad news, however. The yam salmon dad diaw (fried sun-dried salmon with spicy salad, B280) and yam tua plu (B120) both come with well-seasoned sauces. The spicy salad wasn’t too spicy but quite flavorful, while the banana flower salad won our hearts for its sweet-thick coconut sauce. The wait-staff are fairly diligent—most of the time. One our last visit, they managed to get three orders wrong and miscalculated our bill. At least they waived the 10% service charge. So if you’re looking for atmosphere over stellar food, then Reflection Again will offer you average dishes with live music in a fun setting. One final bonus: it has a parking lot, which is a tough find in the Ari area.

Venue Details
Address: Reflection Again, 21 Ari Soi 3, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-270-3341
Cuisine: Thai
Price Range: BB
Opening hours: daily 10am-10:30pm
Live music, Parking available
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