Red Diamond

A far-flung temple to coffee. 

This year’s most exciting coffee opening sits in a far-flung rusty building fully equipped as a coffee roaster, cafe and school.

Red Diamond doesn’t just have a roasting machine on-site, it also has its own farm in Pha Tang Chiang Rai, which is certified by CQI as a specialty coffee producer.

Along with their own beans, they also roast coffee from around the world, including varieties with 90+ scores (an extra B150-200), from Cup of Excellence competition winners (an extra B100) and even limited supplies like the Panama Esmeralda Geisha private collection (B500/cup). 

Their serious approach to coffee-making is also remarkable. “I measure the pH of the water every morning,” says barista Nicholas Haw, who also tastes every coffee they serve for control quality. He also offers tailor-made coffee from your preference.

Adding to the great beans and barista skills is top-notch equipment. The syphon-like coffee machine called Steampunk (B150 for hot/B165 for iced coffee) controls every aspect of the brewing process, while a chic white espresso machine (espresso starts at B120) hides its big body under the counter. The cafe is also equipped with slow-bar tools like V60 and Chemex (drip coffee starts at B120).

Also known as Intercof, their coffee academy offers courses from Specialty Coffee Association of America and Specialty Coffee Association of Europe certified instructors. A basic barista course starts at B4,500 while advance brewing costs B8,500. They also provide cupping (B4,000) and roasting (B8,000) courses.



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Venue Details
Address: Red Diamond, 733 Sangkhom Songkhro Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 085-044-2662
Area: Raminthra
Cuisine: Cafe
Open since: May, 2017
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10am-7pm
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