RAPL Apple Pie

Apple custard pies are the latest Japanese dessert craze to sweep Bangkok.

Siam Center has welcomed a new, tiny bakery shop specializing in one thing and one thing only: apple custard pies. 

Those who have traveled to Japan might be familiar with RAPL’s mother shop, Ringo, which seemingly always has a queue of people snaking out its door for a taste of its pies which supposedly feature 144 layers of flaky dough enveloping delicious cream custard and sweet, yet slightly tart apple filling. 

The brand is originally from Sapporo and has been baking the sweet treat for over 30 years. Right now, there more than 11 branches of Ringo across Japan, though the shop operates under the name RAPL in Seoul and Bangkok. 

Here, they say ingredients are key—buttery pie dough from Hokkaido and apples are sourced from Aomori province—which probably explains the high price of B125 per one small pie. That said, it’s definitely worth a try.  


Venue Details
Address: RAPL Apple Pie, 1/F, Siam Center, Rama 1 Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Area: Siam
Cuisine: Dessert
Open since: April, 2019
Opening hours: daily 9am-9pm
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