Psy Ramen

K-pop star Psy opens a ramen restaurant.  

Turns out “Gangnam style” K-pop superstar Psy’s favorite food is nothing but a humble bowl of ramyeon (Korean instant noodles) with spicy seasoning.
His own restaurant, Psy Ramen, replicates that with imported Korean instant noodles and a spicy soup made from scratch with the restaurant’s secret chili paste.
Offerings range from army soup-inspired spicy sausage noodles (B210), also topped with ham, cheese and baked beans, and the big bowl of blue crab noodles (B260) featuring blue crab and a variety of other seafood. Also try the bibimbap-like cold noodles (B170), which have a touch of Thai spicy salad about them.
Venue Details
Address: Psy Ramen, G/F, Show DC, 99/6-9 Rim Kong Bang Kapi Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-203-1888
Area: Phetburi-Rama 9
Cuisine: Korean
Opening hours: daily 9am-9pm
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