Picnic in Jeju

This organic Korean restaurant brings a taste of island life to Bangkok.

Inspired by popular picnic spot Jeju Island in South Korea, this quaint, all-white restaurant offers a bright and airy space, perfect for lunch. Organic produce is key in dishes like the bibimbap (B220) and Korean fried chicken (B220), created using the owner’s mom's recipe and fried a la minute. Also on offer are classics like the kimchi pancake (B150) and spicy kimchi pork and tofu (B220), while Jeju’s famous mandarin oranges feature in the likes of the Jeju orange salad (B195) and Jeju mandarin coffee (B99).


Venue Details
Address: Picnic in Jeju, Chulalongkorn Soi 22, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 082-067-9308
Open since: November, 2019
Opening hours: daily 5am-2pm
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