Nueng Pooma Talaypao

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Ramkhamhaeng is probably best known as being home to the biggest sports center in Bangkok and two universities, Ramkhamhaeng and ABAC. But as the neighborhood keeps expanding, so too does its variety of dining options. Most pleasingly, you can find good quality cuisine here at cheaper prices than elsewhere. Nueng Pooma Talaepao definitely fits this description. While hardly luxurious, with its plastic chairs and absence of air-con, the airy tent-like venue serves up cheap seafood which evidently draws in the crowds. While many other seafood restaurants are reluctant to publicize their prices per kilogram, here everything is clearly listed in the menu. Start with the steamed horse crabs (at B550 per kilo, and one kilo gets you 3-4 big crabs) or those too lazy to crack the shells can opt for gun chieng poo (plate of crab legs attached to the meaty body, B250). The crab is made all the yummier by the tangy seafood sauce that strikes the perfect balance between sour and spicy. The kitchen does an equally good job on the squid fried in salted-egg sauce (B120), which features a large serving of squid in a really flavorful sauce that’s both salty and the right kind of oily. Their deep fried sea bass with fish sauce (B250) is similarly tasty thanks to the specially prepared sauce that penetrates the delightfully crunchy flesh, while another well balanced dish is the goong ob woonsen (prawns baked with bean vermicelli, B150), with its very large prawns. Still, things are far from perfect. On our last visit, the simple dish khao pad poo (fried rice with crab meat, B50-B100-B150) somehow came out tasting bland and with rice that wasn’t properly fried. While aromatic, their gaeng pa pla hed cone (small sillago fish in spicy soup with herbs, B150) lacked depth beyond being extremely spicy. Nueng Pooma Talaepao’s service can also be slow, but for seafood at very affordable prices look no further. Just make sure you get there early and stick to the live seafood they keep in the tanks. No corkage charge.

Venue Details
Address: Nueng Pooma Talaypao, Ramkhamhaeng Soi 24, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 089-140-4800
Price Range: BB
Opening hours: daily 3-10pm
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