This Ekkamai rooftop restaurant has cool, 180-degree views of the neighborhood. 

The buzz: Ekkamai’s new rooftop restaurant might only be six floors up, but there's nothing obstructing its cool, 180-degree views of the neighborhood. It sits atop the Tha City Loft Hotel, a 64-room property with on-trend decor: gray walls, mid-century furniture, fake plants galore.

The decor: Once up there, you'll be greeted by bare concrete steps in the center of a minimal glass cube courtesy of interior design firm Stu/d/o. Despite the rooftop views, don’t come expecting a romantic candlelit dinner, though. With its laidback decor, the stylish loft space is rather a casual hangout spot. And thanks to its floor-to-ceiling windows, you can enjoy sunset from either in- or outdoor tables.

The food: Chef Chayanin Rungthong (previously of Harvest) heads the creative kitchen here, where he prepares continent-spanning dishes that play with global flavors, from a Thai plahang tangmo-derived watermelon salad (with spinach, bonito flakes, shaved Parmesan cheese and sumac vinaigrette, B210) to pulled pork and mango quesadilla (B229), "pumpkin fondue" (B420), in which a mix of melted cheese and pumpkin comes served in the hollowed-out vegetable, and African harissa-spiced pork ribs (B529). We like how they serve our good old moo ping (pork skewers) in the form of pate with English muffins, while still keeping the unique barbecued pork flavors. For dessert, the Apple Crisp (B229), a baked apple filled with cream cheese and oat crumbles comes served with vanilla sauce and salted caramel ice cream.

The drinks: As the owner of Hyrbs tea is one of the partners here, you can find various tea mocktails like Garden in the Nightmare (a virgin tea sangria, B165) and Enchanted Rose (overnight cold-brew tea with rose-infused pomegranate syrup, B145). On the boozy side, try the Julep from Nowhere cocktail (B320), which puts a twist on the mint julep with chorizo oil-infused bourbon. All cocktails cost B300-350.

Why you should care: Good views, great vibes and nice food speak for themselves here. Natcha Sanguankiattichai


Venue Details
Address: Nowhere, 6/F, Tha City Loft hotel, Ekkamai Soi 6, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 094-516-6663
Area: Ekkamai
Open since: January, 2017
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 4-11pm
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