The Meatchop Butcher and Spirits

This carnivore heaven is all about premium steak, tasty tapas bites and cocktails. 

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This carnivore heaven serves premium steak, tasty tapas bites and cocktails in a deli store concept. An open kitchen, patterned black tiling, pink walls and rattan chairs lend it a swanky yet fun feel. For serious grill dishes, prime cut steaks include Black Angus from Australia's Rangers Valley, oven-baked Chiang Rai chicken and Australian lamb chops. Smaller plates like the platter of jamon Iberico and serrano are perfect to nibble on while sipping on a classic cocktail. 

Thanks to a cluster of ritzy condominiums that line Silom’s Sala Daeng Soi 1, the area became a hot ticket for new restaurants in 2017—some of them good, and some really not. The Meatchop Butcher and Spirits is on the better side of that spectrum. In fact, you could say it has brought a welcome dose of cool to the neighborhood.

Outside, the sounds of punchy ’70s disco hits bellow from speakers just above the restaurant’s sleek black facade. Inside, an open kitchen promises a lively atmosphere, augmented by black tiling, pastel pink walls and rattan chairs for a stylized take on a bustling neighborhood deli. It’s an atmosphere that seems to have struck a chord with the more well-heeled Thais and expats that live nearby. Combine the atmosphere with The Meatchop’s selection of signature cocktails (from B340) and frosty craft beers (from B220) and the restaurant works great as a pre-drinking den or a quiet date spot. 

The food holds up its end of the bargain, too. The Meatchop’s claim to fame is obviously its wide selection of premium meats, which includes typical Australian staples, like Black Angus ribeye (B1,250/300g), tenderloin (B650/250g) and Wagyu striploin (B900/300g), alongside locally sourced meats like Chiang Rai chicken (B400/half). The chef brigade knows how to prepare those plates right.

On our last visit, the dry-aged pork chop (B400/270g) with garden vegetables and celery puree was tender, well-seasoned and bursting with flavor—an impressive feat for a thick slice of grilled pork. The selection of smaller plates does just as well. Starters like the tender grilled octopus (B230) with creamy avocado mash or the Spanish-style meatballs (B160) smothered in tomato sauce and cheese are satisfying, tasty and well prepared.

The food’s not perfect, though. The tomato sauce on the meatballs is too watery, while the Pasta Ala Mama (B220) delivers on promises of fresh fettuccini, seasonal mushrooms and juicy Sloane’s sausages, but is badly under-seasoned and flat-out boring. However, these issues are more nit-picking than anything else. The service team deserves a nod, too. They are quick, professional and know how to time their approaches.

All in all, the restaurant offers a well-rounded package. Don’t get us wrong, you’re not going to find The Meatchop in Top Tables any time soon, but it’s combination of retro cool and quality food make it a great addition to the Sala Daeng’s poshest street.

This review took place in March 2018 and is based on a visit to the restaurant without the restaurant's knowledge. For more on BK's review policy, click here.



Venue Details
Address: The Meatchop Butcher and Spirits, 1/4 Sala Daeng Soi 1, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-033-2709
Area: Silom
Cuisine: Steak
Open since: November, 2017
Opening hours: daily 10am-10pm
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