Mahasan Burnt & Bowl

Charoenkrung carnivores are flocking here

Taking over what was formerly a humble smokehouse near the Charoenkrung-Chan intersection, Mahasan Burnt & Bowl remains under the ownership of one of the original store holders, who’ve given it a hip makeover.

Around four or five tables can be packed into the simple, homely living room space, backed by a green tiled wall.

Here, locally-sourced meats are served, spanning cooked-to-order charcoal-smoked T-steaks (B580/ 500g), sous-vide grilled cow tongue (B270), braised roasted beef stew (B220) and pork steak (B280), as well as a number of rice dishes.


Venue Details
Address: Mahasan Burnt & Bowl, 1843 Charoen Krung Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 086-960-5858
Area: Charoenkrung
Cuisine: Steak
Open since: October, 2018
Opening hours: daily 5-11pm
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