LandhausBK Distribution

This Ari bakery serves up the flavors of Austria. 

Good news for Ari residents. The new Landhaus bakery claims ties with Austrian pastry powerhouse Gragger & Cie.

Here, a concrete and steel baking oven (pre-heated for one month before opening) turns out wonderful rye, brown bread (the Florianer, B100) crowned with mesmerizing concentric circles, and delicious braided poppy bread (B25).

Want an Austrian classic? Get the cheese bread stick (B40), which is tangy and crisp with slightly burnt cheese. For something sweeter, the cinnamon roll (B40 ) dusted with sugar and cinnamon has you covered.

All breads and pastries are made fresh daily and can be enjoyed in-house with a piping hot Americano (B60) or a frothy cappuccino (B70).

Venue Details
Address: Landhaus, 18 Phahon Yothin Soi 5, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 086-889-9210
Area: Ari
Cuisine: Cafe
Open since: April, 2018
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 4am-4pm
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