La Moon

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La Moon is a fourth-story open-air rooftop restaurant-slash-pub in Din Daeng, half of it covered over in case it rains. We go there quite regularly: it’s cheap, Thai pop actually works better for us than popsanova or hip-hop, the food is mostly good and there’s always a nice breeze up there. It’s a bit like a Taksura, only less crowded, less boozy and even more low-key. The crowd, too, is probably a tad older, probably for all the aforementioned reasons. But despite our regular visits, we hesitate to recommend you pay a visit. Can you deal with the surly service (get ready for some frantic waiter-waving action)? Perhaps more importantly, will you take offence with the kitchen’s misfires and less-than-authentic recipes? Take the yam mamuang kung sot (fresh shrimp salad with green mango, B90). Your foodie friends will point out that this dish usually involves raw shrimps, not these overcooked buggers, while you may like the fact that it’s fiery and flavorful. Or how about that gaeng som cha-om kung (B90)—they dare put cabbage in the soup, which could definitely be thicker and less sweet. But with those two big shrimps, generous chunks of omelet, and addictive soup, does it really matter? It’s going to take a lot of beer to wash down the slightly oily khao pad moo yaw kai khem (fried rice with sausage and salted eggs, B65/185) but isn’t drinking a must in these places? You get the point. No single item reaches perfection, but most are fairly tasty (well, we’d avoid the frankly slimey pork dish, moo yang yaew, B90). Nearly half our original order was unavailable on our last visit and we saw tables get overrun with the place’s cats (if you don’t feed them, you’ll be OK), so we realize La Moon is a bit of an acquired taste. Give it a shot when you’re in the neighborhood and you can decide if you guys will meet again, or if it was just a one-night-stand.

Venue Details
Address: La Moon, Soi Bun Chu Si, Din Daeng Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 087-539-1012, 089-444-6246
Cuisine: Thai
Price Range: B
Opening hours: daily 5pm-midnight
Parking available
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