Kyo Bar

This new dessert bar raises sweet eats to the next level

The new extension at Bangkok’s Japanese dessert pioneer, Kyo Roll En, offers a fun new dessert experience. Like an omakase restaurant, Kyo Bar features only 13 seats around a blond bamboo counter bar where chefs work, serve and explains to each diner what’s on the plate.

Inspired by Japanese kaiseki (a set-menu dinner), pastry chef Dej Kewkacha structures the menu into three parts: appetizer, main course and beverage, available at three price points:main and beverage (ume, B300), appetizer and main (take, B350) or the full experience (matsu, B400).

Dishes take a huge step forward from those at Kyo Roll En, showcasing more complicated cooking techniques, more adventurous flavors and creative presentation.

The hassun (usually small seasonal side dishes served as a second course in kaiseki) features the sweet-savory marriage of Kyo Roll En's signature roll cake served with shoyu sauce alongside delicious soy milk pudding, yuzu granita and other classics like warabi mochi and dango (rice flour dumplings).

We love the flavor combinations of sesame, charcoal and cheese in the grayscale plate called Zen Garden, as well as the replacement of chestnut by Beni Haruka sweet potato in their Mont Blanc.

Also don’t underestimate the appetizers, which are full of surprises. We won’t spoil them for you, but order the “BBQ” and try their version of charcoal-grilled "king crab."      

Venue Details
Address: Kyo Bar, G/F, Siam Paragon, Rama 1 Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-610-7583
Area: Siam
Cuisine: Dessert
Open since: April, 2017
Opening hours: daily 9:30am-9pm
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