Krua Khao Hom

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There are many good restaurants hidden away on this road connected to Vipawadee and most of them put the emphasis on good old-fashioned home-cooking. Krua Khao Hom is one such place. Around for some 20 years, the restaurant offers only a brief menu of some 20 Thai dishes written up on a chalkboard. Prices are very reasonable at B100 for most dishes and portions are generous. Overall, the flavors aren’t super strong or spicy, simply well-balanced. One of the highly recommend options is the see krong moo nam daeng (braised baby back ribs with cabbage, B100) which comes with a delightful sweet and sour sticky sauce. It’s a good kid’s dish that adults will enjoy too. Instead of only being braised, it tastes as if the ribs have been stir-fried before being thrown in the pot, as each piece is bursting with flavor. When it comes to the pla too tord (fried Indian mackerel, B130 for two), the restaurant opts for pla too lang (a bigger size of mackerel), with delicious results. The flour coating on the fish is thin and light, making the flesh even tastier. The woon sen pad kratiem tone (stir-fried rice vermicelli with pickled garlic, B100) carries a nice smoky flavor. A very satisfying dish, we particularly like that they add Chinese celery for balance. On the curry side, the gaeng liang (spicy soup with vegetables and dried fish, B100) packs some serious heat, as it should. With lots of fresh shrimp swimming in the bowl, an aroma of dried fish really shines through in the soup. We’re pretty jealous of the families living in this neighborhood, as Krua Khao Hom is just what you need when you want a good square meal, not just a cool atmosphere. Most dishes are simple but they get them right—good flavors, without the MSG or the fuss. Corkage charge B100.

Venue Details
Address: Krua Khao Hom, 32 Thetsaban Rangsan Tai Soi 3., Pracha Chun, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-954-4330
Cuisine: Thai
Price Range: B
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10am-9pm
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