Khao Chae Raan Pa Tib

The sweet grandma here, Uthai Panyakun, sells khao chae (B170) out of her home. Her recipe is the same as the one used at Than Ying. The owner says she used to work in the kitchen of Queen Rambhai Barni, so you can be sure she pays close attention to detail. The kapi is sourced from either Chantaburi or from the South to get the best aroma. Thankfully grandma is now teaching the recipe to her nephew. Do call ahead to check availability.

Venue Details
Address: Khao Chae Raan Pa Tib, Call (one day in advance) and pick up at Coutier Club Bldg. (next to Sukhothai Palace), Samsen Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-241-3188
Opening hours: daily 8am-5pm
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