Kenn’s Coffee & Croissant

This cafe keeps it simple with coffee and croissants.

From one of the owners of BKK Bagel Bakery, Kenn’s takes on the tried and tested formula of simplicity. Tucked down a Sathorn backstreet, the petite cafe has your mornings covered with its straightforward menu of plain (B70), chocolate (B70), almond (B80) and bacon cheese flaky croissants (B105), along with espressos (B60), cappuccinos (B70) and iced Thai coffee (B80). French bistro chairs and black furnishings are given a splash of color with a bright red door and giant metallic mixer on display, while large windows usher in greenery from the small backyard. Everything from the cheese to the chocolate is imported from France.



Venue Details
Address: Kenn’s Coffee & Croissant, 163/2 Sathorn Soi 7, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 066-149-5451
Area: Sathorn
Open since: December, 2018
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7:30am-3pm; Sat-Sun 8:30am-4pm
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