Joe’s Table

Why we love it: From the same folks behind Four Garcons, Joe’s Table is an altogether more fun and casual affair, from the blue geometrical partition to the yellow and white striped canopy. Chef Van and his team have studied the local cuisine served at many down-to-earth eateries in Vietnam in order to replicate the most authentic flavors. We think the results are both impressive and very affordable.

The menu: Comfort food that captures the owners’ childhood memories, including Vietnamese cuisine that uses many French techniques.

What to eat: While there’s a long list of Italian and French dishes, not to mention other cuisines, we can’t move past the Vietnamese offerings. The cha go (Vietnamese spring rolls, B180) come with a wrapping similar to rhoom (flour wrapping). The pork belly with Vietnamese shrimp paste and fried rice (B170) is also highly recommended, along with the cha ca (fish fillets marinated with dill and turmeric, B250) which packs plenty of flavor thanks to the market-fresh ingredients.

What to drink: Seasonal fruit juices (B120), TWG tea (B125) or a cocktail (B200).

Venue Details
Address: Joe’s Table, 2/F, The Promenade, Ram Indra, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-947-5691
Opening hours: daily 9am-9pm
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