Jim's Burgers x Stone Bar

This collaboration serves up American food’s favorite duo.

Jim’s Burgers has partnered with San Diego-based Stone Brewing to bring us American food’s favorite duo: burgers and beer.

This collaboration, made possible by beer importer Beervana, takes the name Jim’s Burgers x Stone Bar and is up on Senanikom Soi 1.

This fifth location by the Bangkok-based burger company serves cold beer from eight taps, three of which rotate weekly. On the permanent draft menu are Stone staples: Delicious IPA (B185/B330), Ripper Pale Ale (B180/B320), IPA (B185/B325) and Go to IPA (B180/B320).

To soak up those pints, Jim’s has introduced new burgers to the old lineup. Cheese Secrets has a patty of premium fried pork/beef stuffed with cheese and mustard cream (B255/B275). Three Musketeers replaces buns with waffle fries and comes with beef/pork and Jimmy’s housemade sauce (B270). For the burger-wary, the barbecue ribs come lathered in a tangy sauce and are served with a side of fries (B325). Don’t miss the Stone Brewing special dips: whole grain mustard and a hoppy, green Sriracha sauce.


Venue Details
Address: Jim's Burgers x Stone Bar, Sena Nikhom Soi 1, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-002-3343
Cuisine: American
Open since: October, 2017
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 4-11pm
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