Ikea Restaurant

The buzz: The hot, Swedish furniture retailer is keeping its legions of crazed fans well-fed with a giant self-service Swedish restaurant on premises. With a cafeteria sort of vibe, the place is full of people dragging their food carts and queuing up for basic and cheap Western fare. It’s far from gourmet dining, but no one is complaining.

The décor: There are over 700 seats here in total, and the layout is simple and sort of food court-like, jazzed up with red hexagonal play buildings for kids and of course, colorful ceiling lamps. There’s also bar seating and some couches.

The food: The food is a lot like their furniture: Swedish, utilitarian, cheap and mass-produced. A visit wouldn’t be complete without the standby Swedish meatballs (B55 for five, B95 for ten). On the salmon front, there’s the salmon chive sauce (grilled salmon with cream sauce and mashed potatos, B180) and the slightly healthier salmon salad (B180). For desserts, they do simple baked like almond chocolate cake and butter scotch (B65) and cinnamon buns.

The drinks: Nothing exciting happens here in this department: soda (B25) and iced lemon tea (B25) get free refills. Hot coffee is B25 a cup.

The crowd: Quite mixed and almost entirely comprised of furniture shoppers: young families with kids, tourists, IKEA fans and trend followers.

Venue Details
Address: Ikea Restaurant, Bangna-Trad Km. 8, Bang Na-Trat Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-708-7999
Area: Bang Na
Cuisine: International
Open since: October, 2011
Opening hours: daily 8:30am-9pm
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