Hotto Bun (Tha Maharaj)

This food truck serves fusion bao buns by the river.  

Hotto Bun started life as a restaurant specializing in gua bao (Taiwanese pork belly buns) in Rangsit almost a year ago. Now it's branched out to Tha Maharaj riverside mall as a permanently parked food truck. 

The owners are the chefs behind Spicy Shallot, a Thai and Japanese restaurant in New York, and here they add a few fusion twists to the popular soft bun snacks (from B65).

Aside from the classic braised pork belly filling, the crispy battered chicken option comes dashed with spicy mayo and seaweed flakes, somehow resulting in a fusion Japanese flavor. There's also a tasty tempura fish choice, while fries set you back B55.

For dessert, they fry up those same bao buns up and serve them with either soy milk or green tea ice cream (B95). To drink, there's tangerine and kiwi barley tea (both B55).
Venue Details
Address: Hotto Bun (Tha Maharaj), Tha Maharaj, 1/11 Trok Mahathat, Maharaj Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 086-327-0271
Area: Riverside, Rattanakosin (Old Town)
Cuisine: Chinese
Open since: November, 2015
Opening hours: daily 9am-7pm
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