The Horse Says Moooo

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The Horse Says Moooo is ticking so many trendy boxes—from the quirky name and comfort food to the warm, lounge-style décor—that it ends up being an uninspired catalogue of dining trends from 2009-2010. That means you can expect a menu heavy on the pastas, salads (dutifully drizzled with balsamic vinegar) and risottos, with some additional carby, fatty basics like steak frites, duck confit or sausages. But while originality is definitely not the Horse’s forte, the execution is often decent. The three bruschetta (toasted baguette topped with homemade Italian style sausage, tomato and basil) come with ground sausage meat that packs a salty and spicy punch, overshadowing the tomato and parmesan. The spicy angel hair seafood (cappellini pasta with mussels, crab meat, squid, tiger prawns and dried chili) is another crowd pleaser, thanks to its spicy and strong flavors along with its big, plump mussels. In fact, we’ve been pretty lucky with all their rich, creamy risottos and pasta (even if they all tend to taste the same). Protein being more expensive, we have higher expectations. Too bad, the 250g Australian tenderloin steak frites, served with cognac cream sauce and mascarpone butter is a bit of a let-down, with its pedestrian fries and burnt sauce. As for the duck confit (duck legs preserved and crisped in a hot pan served with grilled radicchio), as is often the case in Thailand, the meat is too lean to survive the pan-frying: crispy on the outside, good; crispy on the inside, not so good. If you like sweet girly cocktails with annoying names, the Moooo…TINI actually drops two Heartbeat toffies into a martini glass and adds some “special” syrup—Don Draper would not approve. The chef may be cute but, with its middle-of-the-road comfort food and not particularly affordable prices, the Horse Says Moooo doesn’t really fill a gap in Bangkok’s dining scene, despite being a reasonably solid kitchen. Brunch Sat-Sun 10.30am-3pm.

Venue Details
Address: The Horse Says Moooo, Nuam Complex Soi 33, Sukhumvit Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-662-0402
Cuisine: International
Price Range: BBBB
Opening hours: daily 10am-11pm
Parking available
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