Bangkok gets a taste of South America with this vibrant ghost kitchen.

The delivery-only Funky is run by two chefs—one Thai, one Venezuelan—who boast stints at Michelin-starred restaurants, including Borago in Chile and Canvas in Bangkok.
What began for them as an experimental platform on Instagram, selling various items like kombucha, focaccia, and kefir, has since struck gold with their homemade arepas. 
Arepas are a food staple in South America, especially in Colombia and Venezuela. At Funky, the South American soul food comes alive with attention to detail and a variety of fillings.
The chefs first rehydrate corn flour, shape it into palm-sized discs, and griddle them on a cast-iron skillet. The patties are then lightly cut through the middle and filled with a range of veggies and proteins. 
The classic version is the Reina Pepiada, made with a shredded chicken salad featuring green peas, avocado slices, coriander, and red onion. Other versions include the Pelua, which offers a filling of brisket stew with melted cheddar cheese. 
For a vegan option, try the falafel, made with a faux-tabbouleh of quinoa and cha muang (the sour leaves of the cowa mangosteen tree) and yogurt kefir sauce. (All arepas are B190.)
You can also add on salsas from a list that includes guasacaca (sour avocado sauce), tatemada salsa (charred vegetables), black garlic mayo, and lacto-fermented sriracha. 
You can expect pop-ups and restaurant takeovers in the near future. 
Orders can be made via Line (click here) from 10am-7pm daily.
All images credit Paveenaorn Duangoen / Boatcooks
Venue Details
Address: Funky, 1/10 Lad Phrao Soi 101, Bangkok, Thailand
Cuisine: International
Open since: September, 2021
Opening hours: daily 10am-7pm
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