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Located in dining hot spot Ari, Flow is busy on most nights. One of the reasons might be the shabby chic vibe, with birdcages and pastel walls. Since the place is managed by some of the people from the Scenery Resort in Suanpeung, you can expect the same kind of sweet, slightly kitsch, pastoral inspirations—including a Christmas tree in April, complete with lights and decorations. But apart from following a few too many tired trends, Flow also whips up very decent meals, a fact made all the more amazing since the menu is resolutely fusion. For example, their bamee krob cream sauce talay (crispy noodles topped with seafood in cream sauce, B160) is definitely new to us. But you know what, it works, the crispy noodles and cream sauce getting along surprisingly well. (Too bad the shrimps were not the freshest.) The spaghetti in tom yam sauce (B260) is another nice surprise, with its good dose of shrimp head fat and pleasant aroma, but the kitchen’s reliance on cream can get tiring. On the Thai side, poh pia saam sahai (deep-fried spring rolls, B140) come stuffed with three different fillings: laab (Isaan herbal sauce), naem (fermented sour pork) with cheese, and kraprao kai (stir-fried chicken with basil), all of which arrive with a great, crispy texture and full-on taste. Unfortunately, we’re not quite as please with the Ko Khun steak in Thai style (B550). The beef is way too chewy and did not come cooked as we’d asked. But mostly, Flow stumbles without ever falling flat on its face, such as with this staff recommendation, the stir-fried spinach with mushroom, garlic and dried chili (B160)—an oddly plain dish given its ingredients, but nevertheless a fresh and satisfying one. With simple, enjoyable food, a lively atmosphere and a location in a hip neighborhood, Flow ticks all the right boxes for a relaxed hangout session after work.

Venue Details
Address: Flow, 25/4 Phahon Yothin Soi 9, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-618-5159, 02-278-4254
Cuisine: Fusion
Price Range: BB
Opening hours: daily 4-11pm
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