Yes, Thai seafood can be so-fish-ticated.

The buzz: Located inside Banthat Thong’s latest GalieOasis green space is the new seafood eatery Fishmonger. They're on a mission to give Thai fish the spotlight with crowd-pleasing fish and chip menus. Owner Ploypapat Ariyakamolrat partners with Lanta Pla Thai, a fish caterer based in Koh Lanta, to source less familiar fish from local fishermen and prepares them with advanced techniques like Japanese ikejime and shinkeijime, allowing them to earn more money with less common fish. 
The decor: This place might remind you of one of those typical fast food joints with the usual cashier counter, massive menu screen with infographic details, and a blackboard showcasing the catch of the day where you can swap ingredients. There are only three tables inside, but they also have plenty of outdoor seating, which is great considering the lush green space.
The food: There are three types of fish available: one is the standard fish (B195, including barracuda, painted sweetlips, and black kingfish), the premium options (B260) (grouper and John snapper), and the catch of the day sourced from Koh Lanta.
“Less mainstream species usually go unrecognized by the middlemen since they don’t want to take the risk of buying them,” Walaiporn Chudokmai from Koh Lanta Pla Thai explains. “These wild-caught species, therefore, usually need to be sold at extremely low prices and we want to change that.”
On our recent visit, we tried their fish and chips made from pink-ear emperor fish (B195), which we’d give full marks for frying. Its golden shell came without the usual heavy feel you get from fish and chips, and the fish itself was moist and meaty. Another crowd pleaser is the Fish Burger (B195), with a wonderfully light beer-battered barracuda that packs a punch. If you’re a health-conscious eater, try their kamong prao (giant trevally) grilled salad (B260) instead. 

Why we’d come back: Thai fish are really under-appreciated for what they are actually worth. Change is not easy, we know, but this place is letting you know that Thai fish are more than just sea bass and snapper—a lecture that comes with delicious notes. By Porpor Leelasestaporn.
Venue Details
Address: Fishmonger, Soi Rong Rian Kingphet. Phetchaburi Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 092-337-1115
Area: Phaya Thai
Cuisine: Seafood
Opening hours: Mon 6:30am-3pm; Wed 6:30am-3pm; Thu 6:30am-3pm; Fri 6:30am-3pm; Sat 6:30am-3pm; Sun 6:30am-3pm
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