In a soi dedicated to Middle Eastern restaurants, this restaurant serves up Thai options during the day and a brief list of African dishes at night. This spot is perhaps best suited for those newly interested in pan-African cooking and who need a friendly auntie to guide them. The food is adapted to the Thai palate with local ingredients and spices. If you can handle the low-key ambience of the canteen and the dodgy soi, go for the sosatie (grilled lamb), which we saw at quite a few tables, or a Ghanaian dish like fufu (dough-like ball) served with a stew made with peanut and fish, plus a meat of your choice at B100. Feeling adventurous? Check their list of specials which includes the Senegalese dish yassa (spicy chicken with onion and lemon, B180).

Venue Details
Address: Faria, Sukhumvit Soi 3 (Nana), Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-253-4741
Opening hours: daily 11am-11pm
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