Eat Sight Story

Just in time for the year-end countdown comes Eat Sight Story, a new riverside venue owned by Sala Arun, that offers an uninterrupted view of Wat Arun. The place is adorable with its walls decorated with old wooden doors and a mix of Asian and European knick knacks. The kitchen serves up fusion dishes like nuea kraprao krob (stir-fried beef tenderloin with holy basil and pepper, B230) and pizza kraprao moo (pizza with stir-fried pork and holy basil topping, B190), while cocktails are pretty reasonably priced starting from B149.

Venue Details
Address: Eat Sight Story, 45/1 Maharaj, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-622-2163
Area: Yaowarat (Chinatown)
Price Range: BB - BBB
Open since: October, 2013
Opening hours: daily 8am-10pm
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