Chibi Chibi (Silom)

Rangnam’s favorite cafe has branched out to Silom.

Rangnam’s favorite cafe has branched out to Silom. Serving all the favorites from the original venue, the new Chibi Chibi welcomes the office crowds for breakfast and lunch, starting from as early as 7am. 

The owner, a self-taught chef, whips up her own versions of breakfast staples like the open sandwich with egg mix, avocado and shrimp roe (B175), ciabatta with egg, bacon and cheese (B155) and Thai-style khao tom (boiled rice with pork or chicken, B115). 

The carbonara (B245) features housemade fettuccine with parmesan flakes, while the signature French toast (B195) comes topped with a bunch of colorful fruits.

To drink, try coffee from local roaster P&F (from B70), house-blended tea from Mali Ateli (B100) or unique soda drinks like Lady Versailles (rose, rambutan, soda, B90).

Venue Details
Address: Chibi Chibi (Silom), Silom Soi 3, Bangkok, Thailand
Area: Silom
Cuisine: Cafe
Open since: May, 2016
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 6am-5pm
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