Chakrabongse Villas

The place: Built in 1908, Chakrabongse Villas was formerly a royal residence. Located by the riverside, the boutique hotel features a beautiful colonial house surrounded by a lush garden, as well as a traditional Thai house complete with a terrace.

The dishes: The vegetarian set menu (B2,300) contains dishes like nam prik noom (green chili paste in Northern style), tofu and mushroom in coconut curry and the hard-to-find mahor (sweet minced pickle and peanut ball stuffed in fresh fruit). There’s also a raw food menu (B1,500) that can be adapted to jay rules.

Venue Details
Address: Chakrabongse Villas, 396 Maharaj Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 089-810-0498, 081-905-3039
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 5-10pm
Reservation recommended
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