Breizh Crepes

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The open-air Thanya Shopping Park concrete desert resembles a ghost town with its shuttered shops and low foot traffic. In the midst of this, Breizh Crepes seems to be no more than an outdoor fast-food stall. And yet, Breizh is the only place in town that does buckwheat crepes. You see, while crepes may be fairly ubiquitous in Bangkok, savory crepes are never done right, here, as they’re all made with regular flour. Using buckwheat flour is not just the traditional way of making savory crepes, it’s much more flavorful, and stands up better to ingredients like egg, cheese and mushrooms (the classic savory crepe combo). The stuff is so good that crepes, which hail from Brittany, are probably France’s second most favorite comfort food after couscous. So how do Breizh’s crepes fare? Very well, although they’re very thin—a bit too thin—and end up feeling a tad dry, as opposed to having a tender inside on top of a perfectly crispy exterior. But we have no complaints on the ingredients front. There are 12 combinations of savory crepes to choose from, and we’ve had nothing but good surprises. In particular, they use this great fresh goat cheese in a couple of them that’s both tart and nutty (Corsica, B149, three-cheese, B149). They even manage to pull-off a tasty fusion recipe like the tuk-tuk (chili sausage, green and red peppers, onions and grated cheese, B139). As for the sweet crepes, they’re just about perfect: not as dry as their savory counterparts, not too sweet, with a reasonable amount of filling that doesn’t try to smother the crepe under a heap of ice-cream, brownies and what-not. We recommend the one with salted butter caramel cream, almonds and whipped cream (B119)—delicious. The Thai chef is fairly clued-in; the waitresses not so much (but, hey, it must be tough keeping staff on their toes when customers are such a rare occurrence). Finally, this place is really quite cheap. On top of the reasonable a la carte prices, they have a lot of sets, lunch deals and an all-you-can-eat deal on Sunday nights (B399). Even wine by the glass is a mere B99 and is actually drinkable. Our only real regret is that Breizh has such a distant and lackluster location. Their Facebook does say they’ll open soon at the Central Chidlom Food Loft, though. Now that would be something to get excited about!

Sathorn welcomes another crepe joint with the news that Breizh Crepes has upped sticks from Sri Nakarin to move closer to town. We’re fans of their galettes which use real buckwheat flour, such as the tasty fusion Tuk-Tuk (lamb merguez, tomatoes, eggs and emmental cheese, B199). 

Venue Details
Address: Breizh Crepes, 459/59 Suanphlu Soi 8, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-679-3393
Area: Sathorn
Cuisine: French
Price Range: B
Open since: September, 2012
Opening hours: daily 10am-10pm
Alfresco, Takeaway available
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