The Brasserie

At first it’s hard to believe this is really the Holiday Inn’s restaurant. After six months of head-to-toe renovations and renaming (it’s now officially French), its casual atmosphere makes it a good choice for family dinners on the weekends or special celebrations with friends and colleagues. The Brasserie is decked out in neat and clean furnishings; and more room gives the place a wider feel. As they serve a variety of foods (Thai, Italian, Indian and Japanese), the chefs are obviously better at some things than at others. The authentic Indian Tandoori cuisine features definite must-try dishes, while the international buffet is only fairly good. You can also order a la carte, but there are not too many dishes to choose from. Besides savories, The Brasserie offers both Asian and western desserts. Freshly made on order, the creamy crepe (served only for dinner) comes highly recommended. Traditional Thai desserts include small cakes and cute little jelly flowers with fruit salad. There are buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Venue Details
Address: The Brasserie, Holiday Inn Silom Bangkok, 981 Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-238-4300
Opening hours: daily 5am-10pm
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