Best Country Beef

This butcher shop specializes in "Thai wagyu beef" from the Northeast. 

Drawing on his 20 years of butchering experience, Thanabodee Ratchana started his own business a few years ago to help farmers in Northeastern Thailand distribute what he believes to be the best beef in the country, local wagyu crossbreeds.

Just recently, he opened his own butcher shop, Best Country Beef, where he dry-ages and retails the so-called "Thai wagyu beef," with its marbling score ranging from 2-3 (B2,150/kg for tenderloin) and 4-5 (B3,760/kg for tenderloin) to 6-7 (B3,600/kg for T-bone).

So, what exactly is Thai wagyu? The meat is a crossbreed between Japanese or Australian wagyu and either Charolais, Brahman or Holstein cattle. The wagyu genes result in higher fat content in between the meat, which makes it super succulent and tender.

They supply the beef to places like Arno's, Fillets and Krbb, but here you can buy it to take home or let them grill it for you at the upstairs U Grill yakiniku restaurant where a 500g T-bone (at 4-5 MBS) costs B3,200.

Venue Details
Address: Best Country Beef, Neighbour Centre, 343 Vacharaphol Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Area: Raminthra
Cuisine: Steak
Open since: October, 2016
Opening hours: daily 9am-8:30pm
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