The Bar and the Restaurant by Moët & Chandon

The buzz: A new venture among a whopping forty partners has resulted in a Champagne hangout for Bangkok’s high society on Sukhumvit Soi 24. iPad 2 menus further add to the glitz of the simply-named The Bar and the Restaurant. The idea, according to Chef Olivier Daniel, is modern European dining—”no fusion, no fuss, no frills.”

The décor: Kind of like a very classy Studio 54: DJs, private booths, gold colors and animal prints. Your entrance is accentuated by a glimmering Moët & Chandon sign. Downstairs, there’s a DJ spinning house beats beside the bar that matches the golden glam sign. Grab one of the tables with faux crocodile skin in the middle, or if you want a little more privacy, there are booths with drapes. Upstairs has a warmer, more laid-back vibe: the music from downstairs doesn’t carry up, yet the turquoise walls trimmed with brown and plush, zebra-striped chairs keep the vibe sexy. If you want more exclusivity, groups of up to ten people can dine at the chef’s table.

The food: Hearty Italian and French fare, but there are lots of delicate, creative touches to otherwise traditional dishes. The signature, 24-karat gold, black risotto (B450) includes mussels and fresh lobster—and is garnished with gold flakes. Fresh, fine de claire no. 3 oysters are B990 for a half-dozen, but come free with a bottle of Moët & Chandon (nine free with a Moët Rosé). The baked oysters are garnished with a Moët & Chandon sauce and leek fondue, and the fresh ones with red shallot vinaigrette. There are tapas every day from 4pm-1am (B270-1,100 per plate) and special deals almost every day of the week. Our favorite is on Wednesdays: 50% off oysters plus live jazz. Finally, the chef’s table offers a surprise 9-course menu, where you can watch Chef Olivier work (B5,000).

The drinks: Above all, they take their Champagne seriously, giving Bangkok’s bubbly lovers one of the best deals out there. Moët is B750 per flute (plus one oyster), B2,500 per half-bottle (plus three oysters) and B4,500 per bottle (with six oysters). Beer lovers get the usual Heineken, Hoegaarden and Stella by the bottle, and premium Belgian ale Bacchus Frambozenbier that comes in raspberry or cherry flavor (B250).

The crowd: Hi-so hotties, Bed Supperclub pre-gamers, celebs and socialites. Clae Sea

Venue Details
Address: The Bar and the Restaurant by Moët & Chandon, 24th Avenue, Sukhumvit Soi 24, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 082-222-7474
Opening hours: daily 10am-midnight
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