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For those who hold kebabs and shisha in equal regard, head to Bamboo. The restaurant’s dark mood and tone make for an intimate space to tuck into juicy grilled kebabs, tender shawarma and soft, airy naan bread baked fresh in a wood-fired oven.

In the ever-changing, almost twilight, world that is Nana and environs, Bamboo is something of an institution. A port in the sometimes seedy storm, it is somewhere you can escape to, whatever the time of day or night. That’s not to say it’s not without its own little idiosyncrasies: the rarely smiling, sometimes downright surly, waiting staff; the very basic décor (despite a recent makeover) of bright orange walls and laminated tables; the distinctly dodgy bar of the same name next door. But in a way, it all adds to the charm. If nothing else, this place has character in spades. Open to the noise and heat of the road and filled with the sounds of Al Jazeera blaring on the TV and the scents of a dozen shisha pipes being puffed on by its mostly Middle Eastern regulars, Bamboo can transport you to Beirut. Perhaps best of all, the food, predominantly featuring Lebanese and other Middle Eastern dishes, comes with the same levels of authenticity. Lemon juice, olive oil and garlic all happen in abundance, and there are a host of intriguing dishes to choose from, like the wonderfully creamy Beirut humus. This take on the classic dip of chickpeas and sesame tahini comes with added parsley and beans. Or try the humus fata which also includes hearty portions of pine nuts and toasted pita bread. Along with some nan, it’s a meal in itself. The salads are also nice and light, like the simple mixed salad or the tabuleh, a traditional parsley salad with crushed wheat, diced tomato, mint and olive oil. The skewered chicken, just one choice from a long list of grilled BBQ items, is the perfect mix of charred and juicy and comes with a citrusy kick. If meat’s not your thing, then you can also try intriguing side dishes like the fatayer (small pastries which come with spinach, meat or cheese) or the mankoushe, a kind of Lebanese flatbread pizza topped with cheese and salad. We’ll admit, the location might put many off, but while we’d never bring our mums, we still think this is an authentic gem that serves up some tasty dishes.  Corkage B500.

Venue Details
Address: Bamboo, Nana Soi 3, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-655-5531
Area: Nana Asoke
Cuisine: Lebanese
Price Range: B - BB
Opening hours: daily 11-11pm
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