August Organic Eatery

Phloen Chit's 100-percent organic eatery.  

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Serving a menu of mostly Thai food with fusion flourishes, August Organic Eatery claims to spotlight 100-percent organic ingredients. With such a lofty modus operandi, it may come as a surprise that this quaint Chit Lom restaurant actually falls under the umbrella of local juice giant Tipco.

Situated at the front of the chronically under-frequented Mercury Ville mall, the sparse, food court-like space is lacking in character but at least offers the pleasant surprise of leafy views of the BTS line and a couple of invitingly sun-drenched corners.
Away from the more straightforward curries and rice dishes, August’s spaghetti nam phrik long ruea (B200), served al dente, is one instance where a fusion pasta doesn’t seem like sacrilege thanks to an authentically sweet yet spicy pork sauce, plentiful veggies, a salted egg and crispy shredded catfish. It’s a feat not quite managed by the warm salad of grilled eggplant with smoked salmon (B260), which comes across as underseasoned, over-packed with onion and oddly less than the sum of its parts. 
August is arguably at its best when it’s not trying too hard, as with the good old grilled pork ribs (B230/4 pieces or B265/6), whose jaew sauce bursts with herby goodness, or the cream of mushroom soup’s (B170) well-rounded, peppery flavors. As the soup’s already served in a crisp puff pastry, we don’t really see the need for the additional two hunks of dried-out garlic bread, though. 
For all its mentions of the words “organic” and “healthy, ” and shout-outs to “dedicated farmers,” August’s menu doesn’t give any specifics as to the origins of its ingredients and staff weren’t too forthcoming on our last visit. We’d love to see, for instance, the organic credentials of the ice cream in the caramel banana crepe (B150). 
But taking these claims at face value, August Organic Eatery serves up perfectly palatable Thai bites at decent prices—meaning we wouldn’t be opposed to finding it pop up in more malls. Their unsweetened iced cacao (B89) is totally delicious, too.

This review took place in July 2017 and is based on a visit to the restaurant without the restaurant's knowledge. For more on BK's review policy, click here.

Venue Details
Address: August Organic Eatery, Mercury Ville, Phloen Chit Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-252-2423
Area: Phloen Chit
Cuisine: Vegetarian or Organic
Open since: October, 2016
Opening hours: daily 9am-9pm
Parking available
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