The Attitude Bistro & Bar

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It’s always good to hear about more bistro-slash-bars bringing a cool vibe to neighborhoods far removed from Sukhumvit. Attitude is one such place, but unfortunately the food does not nearly match the venue. With its brick walls, bare cement and black hues, the loft-like venue has a lot going for it. The private rooms feature graphic wallpaper with attitude-related quotes, while the outdoor area with live music is a good choice for when the weather is nice.

However, it seems there hasn’t been as much effort put into the kitchen. The fusion dishes come under the concept of “Confusion,” which they say is inspired by San Francisco food culture—a sadly apt description.

The biggest problem comes down to too much sugar in dishes. The so-called spicy salmon sashimi (B190) comes with a dipping sauce that isn’t spicy or sour, but just sweet. It’s the same problem in the Attitude Salad (goat cheese salad with grilled peach, sun flower seeds with homemade Hershey’s balsamic vinegar, B220), in which the balsamic is simply overwhelmed by sugar—yet there is no hint of chocolate. At least the saltiness of the goat cheese provides some respite, whereas the ink pasta with shrimp curry powder sauce (B220) is a total letdown. On our last visit, the saccharine, oily curry made it hard to finish the dish, while the shrimp itself reminded us of the frozen stuff you find in the supermarket.

The only fusion dish to have a semblance of success is the grilled tenderloin beef steak with its explosive-tasting wasabi sauce (B350). The problem is the tiny piece of meat: sad, dry and served on a chopping board with a knife sticking out of it.

While the service is fine, and the booze list throws up some pretty creative cocktails and decent wine from France, Chile and California (starting from B1,050 per bottle), we recommend you have your meal somewhere else before even contemplating visiting Attitude. 

Venue Details
Address: The Attitude Bistro & Bar, 15/5 Viphavadi 16/4 Soi Chokechai Ruammit, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-275-4288
Cuisine: International
Price Range: BB - BBB
Opening hours: daily 4-11pm
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