Apbo Cafe

This far-flung dessert cafe does all the city's trending desserts. 

This far-flung cafe on Ramintra does all Bangkok’s trending desserts. Taking its inspiration from Japan, Apbo’s treats highlight the use of fruit and veggies, as in the kakigori shaved ice which comes with a unique topping that’s made with imported Japanese purple sweet potatoes (B175).

Other hot picks include the monstrous banana choco freakshake (piled high with brownie, orange, strawberry, cotton candy and almond, B145), souffle pancakes (B195) and the huge strawberry cotton candy tree (served with cheesecake, ice cream and berries B155).

Venue Details
Address: Apbo Cafe, The Promenade, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 081-449-4220
Area: Raminthra
Cuisine: Dessert
Open since: March, 2016
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