Anna & Charlie’s Café

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Anna & Charlie’s Café’s reputation preceded its opening three years ago. Long-time restaurateur and celebrity-chef, Charlie, who already has a string of Thai restaurants in California, first opened Anna Café in Silom, and it fast became a favorite for its Thai food and home-made bakery. After its closure, Charlie returned with Anna & Charlie’s Café on Narathiwat Road, a new spot with a secret garden appeal, where huge potted orchids fill the home and bring pops of color and life. Fans of the old place will be happy to know that the recipes are pretty similar, like their top-choice pla muek pad kai kem (fried squid with salted egg, B220), fried sole fish with tamarind sauce (B220, B320) or their most famous bakery toffee banoffee (B95). While all those favorite choices are all solid enough, we find that their new menu additions don’t quite hit the spot. Their green curry with pork served with roti (with chicken or beef, B165/B185) is far too sweet for our liking. Another miss is their recommended nam prik pla yang and kai jeow Khun Chai (spicy fish dip served with omelet, B160). The yummy omelet, featuring basil, green chili and sweet pickled-radish [which was invented by famous food guru M.R. Thanadsri Svasti] loses its star due to the bland and watery nam prik nor is the spaghetti “hot chili seafood” (B180) a worthy addition to the inter-menu, as the spaghetti is overcooked and soggy with a bland sauce. It seems that this neighborhood spot is in demand, however, as it is consistently packed by well-off families and groups of friends. It’s a lovely meeting point, where you can enjoy some decent food with good service. Just be careful what you order and stick to what they do best.

Venue Details
Address: Anna & Charlie’s Café, 236 Narathiwat Ratchanakarin Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-678-0092-3
Cuisine: International, Thai
Price Range: BB
Opening hours: daily 10am-10pm
Live music, Parking available
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