Amontre Playroom & Brasserie

The buzz: This new spot on Sathorn Road has all the makings of an ideal hang-out spot. For one, it’s owned by Kulsiri Chaiyanoppakul and Pompot Kanpetch, the same team behind another quirky eatery in town, All Six to Twelve (in Langsuan), known for its cool lofty vibe. Here, they offer large dining areas both indoors and outdoors with a sports bar upstairs. As at its sister eatery, the food comes from Chef Wanchai Chatchotianan.

The décor: As the name suggests, there’s a playfulness about the whole place. The walls, ceiling and tables are like chalkboards, scribbled with quotes. Things get even more fun on the mezzanine floor with drawings of beer formulas and a big Ferris wheel, a popcorn machine and a foosball table. You can also expect artsy film screenings alongside electronic pop music. On game day, drop by to watch the football match on the big screen. But if you’re there for romance, the terrace at the front is pretty charming, sporting a wooden deck and hanging light bulbs. Wi-Fi is free for those looking for a place to work during the day.

The food: The food is designed for sharing and there’s quite a range. It’s mostly classic Western options like sandwiches, burgers and pizza with added sour and spicy Thai touches, like the burger moo ping (Thai style grilled pork) served with tamarind sauce in a little tube (B180) and rigatoni with nham (Northeastern pork sausage, B165). If you want to do some cooking of your own, try the teppan cheese steak (grilled Australian sirloin with raclette, mozzarella, and fresh berry, B480) where you get to tend to your own meat and melt your own cheese. Come lunch-time, those who work in the area can also order single dishes like khao pad prik pao nuea yang (rice served with grilled sirloin steak with chili paste sauce, B380).

The drinks: Cocktails are pretty colorful, strong yet refreshing. Recommend are the Playroom (cognac, honey, lime and sparkling wine, B300) and Happy Nut (rum, lime juice, passion fruit and macadamia, B280). If you’ve come in a group, grab a big bowl of Crazy Amontre (rum, gin, vodka, tequila, whisky, triple sec and lime, B490) as you’ll need about four people to finish it. There are also some 30 labels of beer available here, including, as you’d expect, craft beers from Beervana (B240). Draught beers range from Heineken (B130) to Hoegaarden Rose (B180).

The crowds: Early in the day, the place is teeming with in-house guests, but by 9pm the crowds are similar to what you’d find at All Six to Twelve: beautiful groups of office workers and some fresh graduates. Pieng-or Mongkolkumnuankhet

(bar opens at 6pm)

Venue Details
Address: Amontre Playroom & Brasserie, Lobby/F, Urbana Sathorn, 55 Sathorn Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-359-9667-8
Area: Sathorn
Opening hours: daily 5am-11pm
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