Amatissimo Caffé

Sat way out on the edge of Bangkok, Amatissimo is hidden away behind the huge Paradise Park mall. Here, the owner, Piriyarat Jirasinkitti, brews his own coffee in an industrial-meets-vintage space. His cappuccino (B65), made from his own blend, stands up as a solid cup of Joe. But perhaps the real reason you should seek the place out is for the yummy pastries made by the owner’s foodie friend, Pojwaree Lertsutthichawan, who whips up a decent crust on her passion fruit tart (B75). Try it with the siphon coffee, too, if you’re feeling a bit geeky.

Venue Details
Address: Amatissimo Caffé, 127, Seri Villa Soi 3 (Behind Paradise Park), Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 085-482-9977, 081-898-0070
Cuisine: Cafe
Opening hours: daily 8am-7pm
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