100 Mahaseth (Ekkamai)

The Charoenkrung chapel of offcuts and local meats expands with a second branch.

Chefs Chalee Kader and Randy Noprapa (Fillets) bring their signature northeastern Thai-inspired dishes to Sukhumvit with the opening of the second branch of their Charoenkrung hot spot, 100 Mahaseth

The new Ekkamai location had been open just four days when the pandemic forced restaurants to close for dine-in, but now they have officially reopened their doors and are back to rewarding diners for taking the plunge into the world of local offcuts. 

The new space is imbued with the same rustic, warm feeling as the Charoenkrung location. The two-floor restaurant is filled with wood fittings, now including counter bar seating. Frayed basket lamp shades spread across the ceiling. Turntables and a giant mural of a full moon with a howling wolf take up the first floor while the second floor is set for a more relaxed evening, where you can get a glimpse of the dry-aging fridge, packed with a variety of tasty meats. 

Classics still dominate the menu, like the addictive Northerner’s Hot Dog (B190), which is made with spicy sai oua sausage topped with nam prik noom relish, pickled radish and basil. Also check out the Cassia Curry Taco (B200), a cassia leaf curry with oxtail seasoned with salted mackerel and cow hide, and then wrapped in a fermented rice flour flat bread. 

New dishes include the grilled Thai Wagyu Bavette (B380) served with sticky rice, and the Dry-aged Beef Tongue on rice (B350) served with pickled perilla seeds and radish. In addition, their flavor-packed California-style pho makes a comeback with options of beef (B350) or chicken (B250).

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. Delivery is also available.

Venue Details
Address: 100 Mahaseth (Ekkamai), 16, 5 Ekkamai Soi 21, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-004-6932
Opening hours: daily 11am-10pm
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