The Singapore Jazz Club

The SingJazz festival team takes over Sultan Jazz Club and brings more cross-genre pollination to the table.

The buzz: Operated by the team behind the SingJazz festival earlier this year, this new jazz club has pretty big shoes to fill as it takes over the now-defunct Sultan Jazz Club.

The décor: They’ve kept most of Sultan Jazz Club intact in the cozy space, though it feels a little stripped-down compared to its predecessor. The requisite velvet couches cater to larger groups, while solo patrons and pairs can perch on high tables (though the view is a little restricted).

The drinks: Although there’s a decent enough selection of whiskeys (from $15) and a few wines (from $12), drinking isn’t really the point here so don’t expect to be floored by the menu. Refrain from ordering whisky sours and Manhattan, and you’ll be fine.

The food: Nada; you’ll have to fill up at Toots Brasserie downstairs.

The music: People-pleasing pop-jazz, mostly. You’ll find plenty of crooners, from local singer-songwriters Dawn Ho, Dylan Foster and Alicia Pan to Shanghai songbird Jasmine Chen, while vibrant guest acts like Ezra Brown kick things up a notch, especially with accompaniment by some of Singapore’s outstanding session musicians. But it’s definitely not just jazz. We’re starting to see other genres in the limelight—such as a recent experimental night with DJs spinning soul, funk and house, live percussion and live sax.

The crowd: For now, tourists, expats and a niche group of hardcore jazz heads.

Why you’ll be back: To check out new jazz nights and fresh genre combos as the event programming team comes into its own.

Venue Details
Address: The Singapore Jazz Club, 2/F/F, The Sultan, 101, Singapore, 199002
Phone: 8139-9059
Opening hours: Thu-Sun 8pm-midnight
Nearest trainCity Hall
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