Myra's Beach Club

A no-frills 120-seater at the tail end of East Coast Park, Myra's Beach Club shares the premises with PA Water-Venture, a popular spot for sea sports that also holds windsurfing courses. It’s unpretentious without going into sleazy territory, the staff are friendly but not smarmy, it’s close enough to the beach so that you can walk over for a dip in the sea, and far enough from the more crowded parts of East Coast Park so you don’t feel like committing hara-kiri while making your 27th lap around the carpark looking for an empty lot. Their extensive Mexican and North Indian menu is also rather unusual, the grub is prettily plated and actually quite good to boot.

Venue Details
Address: Myra's Beach Club, 1390, Singapore,
Phone: 6443-3005
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10am-11pm
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