A laidback craft beer bar serving Hitachino Nest on tap and a variety of British ales and ciders in bottles.

Located along the same stretch of Siglap as Georges and Next Door Cafe, craft beer bar Malthouse is now under new management. While their fridges remain well-stocked with bottled beer, they've expanded their arsenal to include 12 taps, pouring brews from Coronado, Fourpure, Hitachino, Holgate, St Austell and new Singaporean outfit Crossroads Brewing Company (all $13 for 16oz). The kegs are stored in a purpose-built cold room and all beer lines are cleaned frequently to ensure that flavor is never compromised. To complement the taps, they've got all the comfort food your heart desires, from cheese and charcuterie platters ($22 and $24 respectively) to handmade pizza ($14-$19) and steak and chips ($24).

Venue Details
Address: Malthouse, 685, Singapore, 459054
Phone: 6636-4436
Open since: November, 2014
Opening hours: daily 3pm-midnight
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