The buzz: China's most famous clubbing brand Babyface has relaunched itself as Richbaby in Shanghai. The name might sound like a joke, but it's surprisingly apt because the main clientele are the so called 'rich second generation'.

The look: Richbaby is a more upscale version of Babyface, though they share the same passion for bling bling. The venue is divided into two large rooms named 'Rich' and 'Baby'. With Chanel and Gucci logos engraved on the mirrored colomn, the Rich Room is sleek and youthful - you can even find a wall of tribute for Michael Jackson here. On the other hand, the Baby Room is more extravagant with giant chandeliers and blinking neon lights. You might as well feel you're sucked into a kaleidoscope.

The update is thorough, from the entrance and the bathroom to the DJ booth and the tables. A small screen is embedded in each table in the sofa area, so the guests can see the ever-changing visuals on the big LED screen without straining their necks. Even the drink menu has gone through a trendy makeover with metal studs on its leather cover.

The music: Hip hop and R&B in the Rich Room; house and hip hop in the Baby Room.

The crowd: Just like we said, Richbaby is a paradise for the spoilt sons of China's nouveau riche. And of course, there is no lack of pretty young girls.

The drinks: You don't have to be rich to order a 50rmb martinis here, but what's the point of going to Richbaby without booking a table? The minimum charge for booking a small table for four at weekend is 1,000rmb, while the big table with sofa will set you back 5,000rmb. A rich daddy does come handy at times like this!

Why you'll be back: To have the ultimate 'Chinese' clubbing experience. -Stella Shu

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Venue Details
Address: Richbaby, 1/F/F, Infiniti Plaza, 138, Shanghai,
Phone: 137-6426-2151
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 9pm-4am
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