Phebe 3D

The buzz: As the oldest surviving bar street in Shanghai, Hengshan Lu, has long lost the battle against other nightlife hotspots like Xintiandi or even the demolished Maoming Nan Lu, but the arrival of Phebe Shanghai might as well put it back into the picture again.

The look: There is no better word to describe it than 'surreal'. Its dramatic entrance is a combination of hotel lobby and amusement park - a girl is playing piano in the middle of the room, while the walls are decorated by eccentric-looking dolls and computers where you can suft on Internet. The Baroque style main room, on the other hand, is somewhere between No.88 and Obama Club. Your eyes will either get dazzled by different types of chadeliers and ceiling lights or get caught by a huge knight-on-horse statue overlooking the whole space.

All that said, we don't quite get the meaning of '3D' in Phebe 3D. Maybe they want to emphasize all those digital entertainment on offer, such as the huge video game screen and even a golf simulator.

The music: The usual mix of hip hop, R&B and pop.

The crowd: Dice-rolling and VSOP-drinking.

The drinks: Go for the 100rmb open bar from 9pm till closing every night if you are not into booking tables.

Why you'll be back: For the whole over-the-top '3D' experience.

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Venue Details
Address: Phebe 3D, 10, Shanghai,
Phone: 6555-9998
Opening hours:
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