Obama Club

The buzz: This intriguingly named nightclub triggered quite some speculation when it first opened, but well, it's not related to its namesake American president.

The look: With a total size of over 6,000 square meters, Obama is easily the largest club in town. Designed by Cagley and Tanner, a Las Vegas firm specialized in high end residential and resort design, it is no surprise that this deluxe club screams Las Vegas-style decadence all over: golden dragon crawling on the ceiling, marble floor, dazzling chandeliers, huge LED screens and go go girls dancing on the stage. Yet at a closer look, it lacks the exquisite quality that Shanghainese are so fond of. Everything is too flashy, too nouveau riche. It almost feels like you're in a second or third tier city rather than the cosmopolitan Shanghai.

The music: Depending on who is behind the DJ booth, the music here ranges from uninspiring, run-of-the-mill house/hip hop (usually by resident DJs) to some really kick-ass dance music (usually by internationally renowned guest DJs from UK and Ibiza).

The crowd: An interesting mix of middle-aged businessmen, young office workers and girls in super mini skirts. A lot of them dress like they are from the second tier cities indeed.

Why you'll be back: To entertain your clients from Wenzhou or party hard with superstar DJs like Sasha on the decks. - Stella Shu

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Venue Details
Address: Obama Club, The Garden Plaza, 2088, Shanghai,
Phone: 6082-5511
Opening hours:
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