I Love Shanghai

What: I Love Shanghai, the infamous Bund dive that proved just as popular as its more upmarket neighbors, has moved to a more lofty venue. Express your ineffable love for Shanghai (and possibly booze) at I Love Shanghai’ new attic location, on the third floor of the Orchard CRC Restaurant in Jing’An.

Look: It’s hard to ignore the bar door mounted with back-lit LCD panels flashing a blinding welcome. Inside I Love Shanghai, you’ll find two rooms: one with a huge DJ booth, and dartboards set aglow in a rainbow of neon; the other housing the bar, a pool table, red and black lounge couches, and, of course, “I (HEART) SHANGHAI” emblazoned across the wall.

Music: Classic rock, hip hop anthems, and all kinds of pop.

People: I Love Shanghai regulars and bewildered customers from the restaurant downstairs looking to see what all the hubbub is about.

Drinks: Standard drinks and bottled beers from ¥20-40.

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Venue Details
Address: I Love Shanghai, 3/F/F, 1788, Shanghai,
Phone: 5228-6899
Opening hours: daily 6pm-4am
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