The Collection

These days, bars are springing up in Shanghai at a breakneck pace, and you’re going to need to have more than just expensive décor and an extensive cocktail menu to make yours work. The largely Hong Kong-financed Xintiandi area is probably the most competitive thanks to the exorbitant rents. The king of the hill over here looks to be The Collection, a new bar in three parts: Pure serves sushi, Sugar serves desserts and Cube serves the booze. It seems like a strange combination, but those are three of Shanghai’s favorite tastes. The décor also takes on three personalities, with Pure looking more like a bistro; Sugar, well, all white; and Cube in that shiny nightclub black. We went on a Friday night when it was completely packed out for “Sugar Addict” night, where the main difference between themed nights in Hong Kong and Shanghai was pretty apparent: they do it hardcore up north. We were escorted to the bar by a door bitch dressed as a sexy nurse. We were then served marshmallows all night with cocktails named “Skittles.” It may be relatively pricey at The Collection, but it’s about the same amount of cash you’d drop on Wyndham Street.

Venue Details
Address: The Collection, House 2, Xintiandi North Block, Lane 181, Tai Cang Lu, Shanghai,
Phone: (86) (21) 5351-0007
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