Bounty X

Bounty X is the sibling of Bounty Rhumerie, hence you know what to expect - rum, and plenty of it! Warm yourself up with its famous infused rum, from ginger and cinnamon to apple and raspberry. To kick it up a notch, Bounty X has teamed up with French rum brand Damoiseau to produce its own Bounty Rhum, which is used as the base for all its rum cocktails.

Its unique location in Sinan Mansions also offers an exciting drinking experience. Styled as a pirate ship, its wooden interior is compact and exotic. Fishing net is hanging from the ceiling, ship cables embrace the bar table, and the wall is decorated with vintage compass maps. If you need some fresh air, go up to the secret rooftop garden overlooking the bubbly compound downstairs.

Fancy a bite after all that rum? Bounty X cooks up a range of delicious French dishes, such as boeuf bourguignon a la cocotte and rillette canard. For 68rmb you can get a set of main course, salad and soft drink; add 20rmb you’ll also get desert. Now who would want to miss that? - Stella Shu

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Venue Details
Address: Bounty X, 3/F/F, 47, Shanghai,
Phone: 138-1892-2735
Opening hours: daily 11-2am
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