Sofa Pub & Restaurant

A bar that manages to encapsulate Thonglor within its four walls. The islands uptown girls and boys are all here, especially on weekends.

The space: A little bit retro and a little bit contemporary. Its got a pretty similar style and layout to your typical Thonglor-type-pub. There’s a stage on the left of the entrance, a great people watching spot from the mezzanine and a space to chill and chat on the ground floor. At the moment it’s all bathed in black but they are planning on renovating any time now.

The music: Live pop rock Thai tunes together with commercial R&B.

Bright lights: It’s Thonglor by the sea, yay.

Too ghetto: 99% local Thai, don’t expect much.

Venue Details
Address: Sofa Pub & Restaurant, 2/13 Dibuk Rd., Phuket Town, Phuket,
Phone: 076-233-118
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